Athletic Director

Dr. Robert D. Stinson serves as Assistant Principal and Athletic Director at Ridgeland High School.  He has served the students of Walker County since 2006, first as an 8th grade teacher at Rossville Middle School, as a Rossville Middle Assistant Principal and, since 2014, as a Ridgeland administrator.   Dr. Stinson’s coaching background includes tenures as an assistant volleyball coach and head wrestling coach at Rossville Middle School.

Dr. Stinson is a 1994 graduate of Northwest Whitfield Middle School.  He earned his Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education: History at Toccoa Falls College, his Master of Education in Educational Leadership at Covenant College, and his Doctorate in Learning and Leadership at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Prior to becoming a public school educator, Dr. Stinson served his country as an infantry officer in the United States Army. 

Dr. Stinson is the proud father of Noah, Ella, Piper, and Petra, and the husband of Tanya.  Ella is a 2018 graduate of Ridgeland’s prestigious Honors Academy, and Tanya is a former member of Ridgeland’s faculty.

Dr. Stinson was the 2010 Walker County Teacher of the Year.  He is a strong advocate of public education and serves annually as one of Walker County’s public education ambassadors to the Georgia General Assembly.  He is an avid student of American History (particularly colonial Studies and the American Civil War), a lifelong Atlanta Braves and Georgia Bulldogs fan, and a devoted professional wrestling enthusiast.  

Dr. Stinson’s says that his perspective on education can be summarized by the term in loco parentis (“in the place of parents”).  He argues that all things worth doing in education – theories of instructional design, standards-based assessment, approaches to classroom management, relationship-building, etc. – are nothing more than extensions of good parenthood.