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For Gifted and Motivated Students

  • 15 Advanced Placement Courses
  • 4 Dual Enrollment Courses
  • 14 Honors Courses
  • GADOE Recognition:
    • AP STEM Achievement
    • AP STEM

Who Are We?

The Ridgeland High School Honors Academy was established in 2009. This innovative school-within-a-school was built on the motto 'Studium, Disciplina, Excellentia' and developed to offer talented, gifted, and highly-motivated students the challenges and opportunities needed to make them competitive in the crucial, and often harsh, arena of college admissions.

Walker County educators knew that when compared with other students across the country, our students were just as intelligent, just as motivated, and just as deserving of admission into the nation's most prestigious colleges.

Our goal was to highlight these students' abilities, encourage them to challenge themselves even more academically, and build their self-confidence.

Our faculty and students love to help out in the community and to invest in future Honors Academy members. For details, check out information about our annual Super Saturday event.

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